Adam Launch Imminent?

Update 2:The veil has been lifted. See more details here.

Update: Evidently the image from Notion Ink is changing over time. More of the Adam is now visible underneath the shroud. It looks like the 9:30 pm time frame is indeed set for tonight.

The Notion Ink blog has a nice teaser image up (shown above). Does this mean the Adam’s launch is imminent? Reading through the comments, the speculation is that there will be a launch or at least an announcement tonight. A video from the Notion Ink site points to a possible New York unveiling at 9:30 pm. It is not clear the date of this event, though. The post’s title is the numerical equivalent of the Golden Ratio, a concept frequently discussed in the design of the Adam. We know the Adam has been sent to the FCC already, so this could mean some sort of formal announcement is coming. I’ve been watching the Adam for a while, and there is a lot of promise. The delays have been disappointing, but it could very well be worth the wait. I’ll keep my eye out for more news. You can check out the teaser video here.

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