Google Adds Contact Restoration Feature

Google announced a very welcome feature this morning. Google Contacts now has a restoration feature to undo any mistakes or deletions within the last 30 days. Using a pretty simple form, you can restore anywhere from 10 minutes ago to the full 30 days.

This feature would have been really useful recently when I made the classic error of forgetting Google tags things and doesn’t use folders. I managed to delete a lot of “duplicate” entries only to discover I had erased all of my family and friends. A few imports later and some time spent re-organizing my Google Contacts and I was back up to speed. Had this feature existed I could have rolled back to 10 minutes prior and saved myself a lot of work.

The restoration feature is not as smart as one might hope at this point though. If you’ve added new contacts since the date you are restoring you will lose them. This feature sets your account to the exact state it was in on that date. This brings back the deleted contacts, but deletes new ones too. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to set it up this way, but it would be nice to see this feature get tweaked a little. Google allows you to undo a restoration too if you need to get back one of the newer contacts deleted by the restoration. This will ease any fears of permanently deleting your current address book as well.

The feature is already live, so you can go about your day knowing you won’t wipe your contacts clean by accident and find yourself without recourse. Hopefully we won’t ever have need of this, but it is nice to know it is there. I for one am glad Google added this restoration capability, as I’m sure all of Google’s other customers are.

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