Google Reader App Now Available in the Android Market

One of Google’s most anticipated Android apps has finally made it to the Market. Google Reader is now available. There have been a number of RSS readers available for Android, but the lack of Google’s own Reader app was baffling to many. Whatever the reason for the delay, it is here.

The Google Reader app looks familiar enough. You get the unread counts, sharing, liking, and such. Google points out a few extra features that are included as well. These include multiple accounts, synced preferences, and the ability to search for feeds and subscribe from your phone.

The app also features some customization options. You can set your volume buttons to navigate between feed items. You can also long-press folders or subscriptions for additional menu features.

The Google Reader app thankfully runs on phones running Donut, so US Xperia owners are not left in the cold as with Google Voice Actions. It is nice to finally have an easy way to read my RSS feeds on my phone. Being able to sync it to my Google account is an added plus.

You can download the app from the QR code below, or by searching the Market. You can read the official Google Reader blog post here.

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