AT&T Prepping for Xperia ion?

I was searching for any current news about the Xperia ion from Sony, and found a link to AT&T’s website. I followed the link to a product page featuring a case for the ion. The product is the DualTek Rugged White/Gray Case, priced at $40. With an in-store release date no later than June 24 seeming increasingly likely, the fact that this product is on AT&T’s site is encouraging.

Interestingly, searching for ion on the AT&T site will only provide results for lithium-ion batteries. The case does not show up in the search results. It could be that Google is indexing things early, as with the initial June release announcement, or it may simply be new enough that AT&T’s search feature has not fully indexed the site.

One of Sony’s best features is the camera. Motorola is about to release a phone (Atrix 3 perhaps?) with a 13MP camera, so Sony would do well to release this 12.1MP camera phone in advance, and quickly follow up with the U.S. version of the Xperia GX, which also features a 13MP camera. It would not be good to let Motorola cut in on Sony’s primary differentiating feature.

I am looking forward to trying out the ion, and seeing how well it does against the competition. It looks it won’t be too much longer until I get the chance. Are you interested in the ion, or are you holding out for Sony’s next generation? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Tym

    Thank you so much for providing an update on the release date of the Sony Xperia Ion! I have been waiting for MONTHS! I search the Internet everyday looking for some sort of clue as to what is going on! The Ion seems very promising and I look forward to getting one soon:) . I currently have an iPhone and am ready for a change. I like my iPhone but Android is a bit more liberal!

    • PadgettTech


      No problem.  I too have been actively searching for information since January.  I was very happy to finally talk to someone with information on the ion, and was glad to finally have a date to look forward to.  I am definitely looking forward to picking it up next weekend.  I hope you enjoy your transition from iPhone to Android. You should have a lot of fun.

  • Drew Williams 09

    as long as i also have been waiting for the Ion, i’ve read about the GX as well and was curious as to whether we can actually expect a US version some time in the future or if it will be exclusive to Japan.  do you have any good information on that?  your help would be greatly appreciated soon seeing as how i have an unlocked Ion on pre-order that will probably ship in a few days.  thanks!

    • PadgettTech


      I don’t have any direct information on the GX at this time. I am looking for details though. I think that we might end up with an unlocked international version, but I don’t expect to see the GX at AT&T. Did you get your ion? If so, what do you think?