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Why a Firm Needs a Social Media Team

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

I got home from vacation this week to discover my Dish Network account had been suspended. Evidently there was a billing issue with the auto-payment system and they had not been paid, unbeknownst to us. My wife spent an hour or so spinning her wheels on the phone only to ultimately be disconnected. At this point she was ready to abandon Dish Network, pay the early term fees, and go to Hulu and the networks for access to her favorite shows. Having followed DishNetwork on Twitter for a while, I knew I’d get better service from their Twitter team. It turns out I was right. Here is the story in my wife’s words, posted on her blog.

I have never been a big believer in Twitter. Sure, I follow a few celebs (hello…Conan is HIL-ARIOUS..) but tweet myself?? Yeah right.

That is until tonight. After spending a frustrating 55 minutes on the phone with Dish Network because of billing issues, and then being disconnected while waiting for a supervisor….I was ticked. Ready to cancel, ready to make heads roll in order to make my point. But my tech savvy (geeky….) hubs send a tweet to Dish Network. They immediately responded, and within the hour someone from the Dish Network Twitter Team called us, and not only took care of our issues, but were so willing to provide great customer service that it blew me away.

So, kudos to the Dish Network Twitter Team. I have a feeling you’ve saved many accounts from going elsewhere….mine included.

Dish Network scored on several points. First, they had a social media team. Second, that team was empowered to do things the telephone support crew swears they can’t do. Finally, the service was prompt, reasonable, and satisfied all parties. It really makes a difference when a customer service team is courteous, knowledgeable, and actually does provide support. While Dish Network certainly could do with a major overhaul of the telephone customer support, the Twitter team is outstanding. They will be my first option if a future need arises.

Shopkick Now Available on Android

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Shopkick, the check-in app with a twist, is now available for Android. It had previously only been available on iPhone or 3G iPad.

What is Shopkick? Simply put, it is a check-in service that rewards you for being in a participating store. You can read my earlier posts about the service here. I’ve been waiting for it to make it to Android, and today it has arrived.

Best Buy is one of the more notable early adopters of the app, and Target joined up this week. Shopkick works differently than Foursquare or Gowalla, in that it checks you in automatically when you are in a participating store, and it is harder to cheat the system. The app does this by picking up a subtle audio signal and automatically checking you in. Shopkick rewards you simply for shopping. Additional rewards can be earned by scanning certain products.

You can download the app (from your Android phone) here or use the QR code below.


StumbleUpon Introduces App Discovery Beta for Android

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

StumbleUpon has announced a new feature for its Android app. You can now use StumbleUpon to find new Android Apps. The feature is in Beta currently, and was included in a recent app upgrade.

Browsing for Android apps will be personalized, based on apps you’ve already installed or used, as well as things your StumbleUpon friends like. The personalization reminds me of the recommendation feature in AppBrain.

I played with the new feature and it works pretty well. There was an initial hickup or two at first, and page loads were really slow. It then picked up speed and I was able to view a lot of recommended apps in a short time. Some of the apps I already use, and others I have heard of but haven’t installed. There was a good range of apps in my samples, including music apps, utility apps, and games. I think this feature fits very well with StumbleUpon, and I’m glad they added it. There is definitely a need for assistance in picking out the good apps amid a sea of not-so-good ones. The StumbleUpon app for Android will be a useful resource.

You can check out the press release here.