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AT&T Announces 3G MicroCell Pricing

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

AT&T announced its MicroCell release timeframe and pricing today. Starting in April, these devices will roll out for the low low price of $150. $150? Really? At first it doesn’t sound so bad but when you stop to think about it, you will agree with TechCrunch and strongly request your MicroCell for free.

You may be asking, “Why the problem with the price?” For one, AT&T conveniently offered its iPhone users (my wife being one of them) a great way to prove how bad our service is. With this documented proof, and the fact that we pay more than $100 a month for our service, you would think AT&T would jump at the chance to improve its customer satisfaction rating. Not so. We have to pay them to use our wi-fi which we are also paying for. So, to be clear, I pay for my Cable internet connection, I pay AT&T $100+ for monthly service, AT&T gets to use my paid internet connection and then charges me $150 for the privilege. Not gonna happen.

I remain a fan of AT&T, if only by default since Cingular gave up its name and top-notch service in the merger. I do not intend to pay AT&T to suck up my bandwidth however. From the last time we called AT&T about cell coverage, they informed us that 3 towers in our area were turned off. Let’s just turn those back on AT&T and we’ll see how things improve. Do I want this MicroCell device? Yes. Will I pay for it? No. Let me know what you think about the situation. If AT&T comes to its senses I’ll update this post.