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Adam Pre-Order Coming Soon

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Update:SlashGear is reporting that the Adam won’t ship before Christmas, but will be available by CES in early January. The difference between the 850 and 900 series models appears to be the type of 3G modem – one for the US, one for Europe.

While it wasn’t exactly 9:30 pm eastern time, the veil was dropped from the Adam teaser image and the words “Pre Order Now” were revealed. There was then a small disclaimer that details were forthcoming. Notion Ink has now shared some of the pre-order details.

First dibs on pre-orders go to those who commented on the blog in the past. There was a cutoff date for new posts, and as the chart supplied by Notion Ink shows, there was quite a spike in blog activity once the pre-pre-order was announced. The early option lasts only for 6 hours, then the rest of the world can join in. Those who are eligible for the earlier pre-order should be receiving an email with a special link.

Six different varieties of the Adam were developed. You can choose from the following options:

  • LCD (wi-fi only) – $375.33
  • LCD + 3G -900 series – $425.33
  • LCD + 3G -850 series – $425.33
  • Transflective (Wi-Fi only) – $499.45
  • Transflective + 3G -900 series – $549.99
  • Transflective + 3G -850 series – $549.99

As you can see, the Adam will range from roughly $375 to $550. It looks like the price is the same for 900 and 850 series, so I’m not sure what the major difference will be about. The prices will be the same in every country, making it a better bargain in some countries than in others. Notion Ink wants to target a global audience it says, and the single price point will help them achieve that goal.

Rather than providing a variety of colors, there is a thin strip on the Adam that is interchangeable for customization purposes. Otherwise, the Adam is matte black with a white strip.

Notion Ink also describes the OS as something slightly above standard Android. Many of the features coming in Gingerbread and Honeycomb were already built into the Adam. They think this will further encourage development since the device will enhance existing Android features.

The Adam certainly aims to be revolutionary. There is Old Testament language throughout the project, pointing to this being the beginning of something new. The Adam itself refers to the first man. Eden and Genesis are represented in the UI and app environments. The announcement post itself said “Let there be light” (Fiat Lux), albeit in Latin rather than Hebrew. They’re either really religious or they think this device is really important. If it succeeds, the Adam could really change the face of the e-Reader wars. We’ll have to wait and see. You can learn more about the Adam at, though there is no pre-order information up yet.

Adam Launch Imminent?

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Update 2:The veil has been lifted. See more details here.

Update: Evidently the image from Notion Ink is changing over time. More of the Adam is now visible underneath the shroud. It looks like the 9:30 pm time frame is indeed set for tonight.

The Notion Ink blog has a nice teaser image up (shown above). Does this mean the Adam’s launch is imminent? Reading through the comments, the speculation is that there will be a launch or at least an announcement tonight. A video from the Notion Ink site points to a possible New York unveiling at 9:30 pm. It is not clear the date of this event, though. The post’s title is the numerical equivalent of the Golden Ratio, a concept frequently discussed in the design of the Adam. We know the Adam has been sent to the FCC already, so this could mean some sort of formal announcement is coming. I’ve been watching the Adam for a while, and there is a lot of promise. The delays have been disappointing, but it could very well be worth the wait. I’ll keep my eye out for more news. You can check out the teaser video here.

Adam Timeline and Pricing

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Notion Ink has posted another update regarding the Adam eReader/Tablet. The post rambles quite a bit, and is a little hard to follow, but at least it confirms the pricing and launch date targets.

If all goes well, the Adam will arrive at the FCC by the second week of November. If things go great, it will head there in October. The Adam’s value is in the marketplace rather than the hardware, according to the post, so there has been an attempt to keep the pricing relatively low. There will be two versions of the two main products – a 3G and non-3G version with either an LCD or Pixel Qi screen. The Pixel Qi 3G will mark the top of the line, while the LCD Wi-Fi only will mark the bottom. The range will run from $400-$500 for the four devices.

According to the post, the countries with the most developer interest will get the earliest launch dates. Notion Ink wants to reward the people who will help bring the product success. Since it is already aiming for the FCC, one could assume there is a lot of interest in development in the US.

The post talks about how things are still in motion, and all of this information is subject to fluctuation, for better or worse. There was even some talk about an Adam 2 that will be able to set the pricing bar lower. There are a lot of skeptics out there about even the first one being launched.

If Notion Ink can pull of the Adam, it will be able to bridge the gap between tablets and eReaders. I’m not sure that there needs to be a bridge, but it might be nice to choose which screen you want to use for a book or to browse the web. There are a lot of ifs currently, so we will just have to wait and see.