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Xperia X10 Upgradeable Kits

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Rikard Skogberg from the Sony Ericsson Product Launch Blog has announced some new kit numbers to watch for. Each phone has a Sales Identification (SI) code near the serial number. You can compare the SI number on your phone to the following lists.

Xperia X10

1232-4526 1232-4364 1232-4365 1235-5976
1235-5977 1232-4482 1232-4483 1234-2560
1234-2561 1235-5978 1235-5975 1232-9912
1232-9915 1232-4474 1232-4475 1235-5522
1235-5523 1242-8854 1242-8855 1232-4428
1232-4429 1232-4480 1232-4481 1231-8220
1246-3427 1240-7824 1240-7823 1240-7822
1240-7825 1238-7363 1238-7364 1233-8175
1234-6287 1235-5525 1237-1373 1238-4174
1238-6986 1242-8859 1240-5861 1238-6985
1238-3340 1237-1372 1232-4307 1232-4308
1243-9598 1236-2094 1236-2095 1237-5861
1237-5862 1237-5863 1237-5864 1233-8176
1233-8179 1242-9697 1242-9704 1232-4375
1242-9702 1242-9695 1235-6166 1233-8174
1235-6167 1242-9698 1242-9705 1232-4370
1242-9710 1232-4371 1242-9711 1232-4372
1232-4373 1242-9708 1242-9709 1232-4363
1242-8863 1232-4376 1242-8862

X10 mini

1236-7043 1236-7044 1236-7053 1236-7054
1236-7055 1236-7056 1236-7071 1236-7074
1236-7377 1236-7393 1236-7397 1236-8763
1236-8796 1236-8797 1236-8798 1236-8801
1236-8802 1236-8803 1236-8804 1236-8808
1236-8812 1236-8813 1236-8814 1236-8816
1236-8818 1236-8824 1236-8827 1236-8828
1237-4315 1237-4320 1238-2562 1238-2606
1238-5444 1238-5445 1239-0569 1239-0570
1239-0571 1239-4404 1239-9417 1240-1753
1240-7655 1240-4092 1240-1821 1240-4584
1240-2799 1240-2800 1243-5118 1243-5119
1243-5120 1243-5121 1243-5658 1244-1584
1244-2054 1244-2059 1244-2062 1244-3156
1244-3162 1244-5347 1244-5349 1244-5350
1244-5351 1244-5352 1244-5355 1244-5356
1244-5357 1244-5358

X10 mini pro

1238-9085 1239-8953 1238-9145 1238-7795
1238-7796 1242-8385 1238-7798 1237-5467
1238-4467 1242-9621 1237-9693 1237-5471
1237-9686 1238-9053 1238-7800 1238-0204
1238-4462 1238-2513 1238-2517 1238-2520
1242-1135 1242-1137 1238-9165 1242-9626
1238-9140 1240-0832 1238-9132 1240-0819
1238-9136 1240-0813 1238-9138 1240-0808
1238-9170 1238-9043 1238-9045 1238-4879
1238-4884 1238-9117 1238-9167 1239-6173
1239-2301 1239-2308 1239-2231 1239-2224
1239-2225 1238-9120 1244-3602 1239-6180
1238-9168 1238-9709 1238-0205 1238-0206
1239-6155 1238-0207 1242-1108 1242-1110
1239-2314 1242-7430 1239-2317 1242-7448
1242-7450 1240-0907 1240-0915 1242-0992
1240-0918 1242-0993 1245-8032 1243-3730

My phone was not on this list. AT&T finally got back to me though, only to say there is no news and I should keep checking back. Not very satisfying, but at least it was a response. If your number is on the above lists, you should be able to upgrade if you haven’t already. More kits are rolling out, so it is only a matter of time before everyone is upgraded.

Sony Ericsson

Xperia X10 Upgrade Picking Up Speed

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Update: After following the comments on the SE product blog all weekend it looks like there has been some activity. It appears that India has 2.1 on the mini pro, but not yet on the X10. There are reports of UK and France receiving some Eclair activity as well. Lithuania reportedly has the update this morning. Canada is rumored to receive Eclair through Rogers today, November 8. Italy is reportedly slated for November 15, and Poland for November 22. All of this is subject to change and is dependent on carrier rollout. More news as it comes. Incidentally, Rikard is out of the office for three days beginning today, so the information void will likely continue to grow until after Wednesday. AT&T continues to ignore requests for timeline information, so if you are in the US, don’t hold your breath.

According to the Sony Ericsson Product Launch Blog, the Eclair upgrade for the Xperia X10 and minis is picking up some speed. This weekend is expected to bring a lot more markets up to date.

According to the post, most of this new information concerns the X10 mini pro. Kits that are currently available are the Generic kits for the UK, China, the Baltics, Belgium, France and India, and then some operator kits in the Nordics, Australia, France and Greece.

Rikard Skogberg, the beleaguered blogger who has done quite well in the face of continuous haranguing this week, says that the upgrades should be rolling out faster in the coming week. This includes a busy weekend too from the looks of things. There are reports of some UK users already receiving the upgrade, so hopefully the wait won’t be much longer here in the US.

I already covered the Xperia X10 upgrades, so let’s look at what the mini and mini pro have on the way.

  • Android 2.1
  • Improved Bluetooth functionality with support for sending and receiving pictures, contacts and more
  • New backup and restore application
  • Automatic phone book synchronization with Facebook photos
  • Improved picture, audio, text and number handling

The minis won’t be able to record in HD, but there are reports that the video has continuous auto-focus like the full-sized X10. As more information comes out, I’ll
talk about it here.

Sony Ericsson

Waiting With Bated Breath – Xperia X10 Upgrade Rolling Out

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Sony Ericsson has begun rolling out the Eclair update for the Xperia X10. To say this has been long awaited by fans of Sony Ericsson’s Android venture is an extreme understatement. Fans are largely unhappy with the progress to date, which is unfortunate. Some of them are expressing themselves in crude ways on the Sony Ericsson blogs, and others are just stewing silently. There are those among us that continue to wait patiently. Our number is diminishing, however.

Updates on the upgrade have been few and far between, but we now know that the roll-out which began in the Nordic countries has begun its world-wide spread. Some African countries have begun getting the update, as has Russia. There are some scattered reports of updates in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Notably missing on this list are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the United States. Canada already expected the update in November, according to the Twitter page for Sony Ericsson Canada.

My sympathies go out to the beleaguered Rikard Skogberg, one of the lone voices taking the heat for Sony Ericsson. He has been pretty clear in his posts that this upgrade is a process, and will take time. He also notes that the update has been in the hands of the carriers for some time now, and that the delay is on their part. This means AT&T customers may never get the upgrade, based on my experience with AT&T.

If you haven’t received the upgrade yet, here are the features you can look forward to:

  • Android 2.1
  • HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
  • New back up and restore application
  • 2 additional homescreens
  • Social phonebook to sync contact pictures from Facebook and online status

As AT&T didn’t carry the Xperia X10 until August, my wait has not been nearly as long as some of the others. I waited that long just to get the phone, but now have only been waiting for Eclair for two months. I can imagine the angst among those wanting the newer features, and access to Eclair-minimum apps. I have been pretty content with the add-ons to Donut that Sony Ericsson provided, though. There are some features that mimic some Froyo features, and others are only available on the Xperia. This is definitely a positive in Sony Ericsson’s camp.

As more information on the upgrade comes in, I’ll be sure to post updates. I am anxiously awaiting it myself. I hope the carriers pick up the pace a bit, and take on some of the pressure as is only fair.

To get the latest information about the update, you can check out the Sony Ericsson Product Blog.

Sony Ericsson