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Fun Android Apps: ADW.Launcher

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I was looking at a review of the Xperia X10 and came across an app I hadn’t heard of, ADW.Launcher. It was mentioned as a workaround to the 3 home screen limit on the Xperia. I installed it and found it to be quite useful. As I mentioned last week, the Eclair upgrade for the Xperia has been delayed. One of the improvements will be additional homescreens. Since it will take another month to get the update, the ADW.Launcher will fit in nicely.

At some point the ADW.Launcher was a rooted-phone-only app. It looks like it was added to the Android Market over the summer. There are already over 100 supplemental apps to change homescreen configurations in specific ways. The launcher is available to both Android 1.6 and Android 2.X phones. See the QR Codes below to download the app.

ADW.Launcher – Android 1.6
ADW.Launcher – Android 2.X

In honor of the release of Iron Man 2 on Blu-ray today, I installed an Iron Man theme. It features a prominent Android icon decked out in Iron Man’s armor, and the Google search widget encased in gold. The Google icons like the Android Market and Maps are also altered in the theme. It is pretty fun, and easy to navigate. You can install it with the QR code below.

As I find more apps worth sharing I will post them here at Padgett Tech. There are plenty to choose from. If you have any favorite apps, be sure to mention them in the comments.