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Apple Admits There’s A Problem

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Apple had its press conference this morning. A lot of it went as expected, but there were a few positives that came out of it.

As expected, Steve Jobs showed off other phones that have a problem when gripped certain ways. The problem was that the grips were more complicated and required more hand coverage than the single finger action that kills an iPhone 4’s reception. In the Q&A someone asked how to get the Blackberry to fail like the video. The answer was dodged by claiming the problem only occurs in poor-reception areas.

Jobs also took the opportunity to comment on the volume of iPhone 4 sales, and announced the impending launch in several other countries. He claimed that they have been really busy lately, and denied any delay in acting on this antenna issue. He said that people at Apple were working hard and didn’t deserve the bad press. While this may be true of the individual employees, it is not true of the firm, since the firm’s reputation, and not its employees, is at stake.

On to the positives. Jobs admitted that Apple is not perfect, and makes mistakes. He said he was committed to making sure every single Apple customer is satisfied. To that end, he is offering a free bumper/case to people who own an iPhone 4, and will offer one with each future purchase until September 30. Other countries will receive the same offer. When asked about September 30, Apple should in theory better understand the problem in order to solve it.

So, an apology was offered, which I’m sure surprised a lot of people. Apple keep its stock price relatively level, even as the stock market dipped today. That should be good news for Apple, as this could have triggered a stockholder backlash. Apple is giving away bumpers to its customers, which is a lot cheaper than a recall, and is a good solution to the problem. Considering how easy it is to shatter, bumpers or cases should be standard issue anyway. Hopefully Apple will learn to fix these problems ahead of time, or at least to make a public (and more accurate) statement earlier next time.