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Apple Finally Taking a Look at iOS4 Software

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

While a lot of news has been given to “Antennagate” and the other problems endured by iPhone 4 users, not a lot of time has been dedicated to the problems with the iOS 4 upgrade on earlier iPhone devices. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is finally looking into some of these problems.

I installed the software on an iPhone 3G soon after it was made available. It crashed during the upgrade. I had to try a second time. Since then, programs have lagged, disappeared, or otherwise stopped working. This problem has been largely overshadowed by the antenna and screen shatter issues. It is about time this issue was addressed. The Wall Street Journal article advises iPhone 3G owners to opt out of the upgrade if they haven’t already upgraded. I agree with this advice. Once you’ve upgraded, it is really hard to go back.

In the mean time, some other blogs have shown a quick fix that may or may not help you. It turns out the Spotlight Search is sucking a lot of memory up, causing some slowing. A user at Neowin offered the following solution: Go to Settings -> General -> Home Button -> Spotlight Search and uncheck every search option. Some have reported an immediate fix to the problem. I was unable to see a noticeable change, so this solution may or may not work for you. As Apple looks into the problem though, hopefully there will be a more permanent fix. Apple should also offer an “easy button” for rolling the 3G back to the earlier OS.