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iPad Arriving at AT&T Stores October 28

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

AT&T has announced that it will carry the iPad in AT&T stores starting October 28. The iPad WiFi and 3G devices will come with the $15 and $25 data plans, with 250MB and 2GB of data respectively. The data plans are contract-free and come with free access to AT&T’s WiFi hotspots.

The iPad is currently only available at Apple stores and online, so this will be big for sales in the retail stores, just in time for Christmas. Since AT&T already sells the iPad, this news isn’t as big for consumers. Verizon managed to make an even bigger splash today. Details on Verizon’s announcement will be provided in another post though.

Are you more likely to buy an iPad now that it will be available in-store? I suppose if you don’t live near an Apple store or aren’t comfortable with online purchases this is pretty exciting news. Most of the die-hard Apple fans already have the iPad though, so I imagine gift sales will be where AT&T benefits from this.

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Observations in Mobile Phones

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Over the course of the weekend I decided to observe the various phones people were using wherever I was. I hadn’t intended to do this, but when someone pulled out his phone to take a picture of something right in front of me I happened to notice it was an HTC Evo. My first thought about that was kudos for using Android. I then decided to look around and see what other people were using.

Of the four or five phones I saw taking photos at the event I was at, I didn’t see any iPhones. I saw one Blackberry, and the rest, including mine, were Android. Incidentally the event was the opening night of the Seaside Highland Games, an annual Scottish heritage celebration. I went to the event the next day, and again observed cell phones, whenever I happened to see them. I went the whole weekend without seeing a single iPhone, until I left the event and encountered some Sunday (American) Football fans in the pub. Even then, I only saw one iPhone.

As I watched NCIS Los Angeles (don’t know why I can’t stop watching that awful spin-off) I noticed an iPhone in use. As I thought about it, iPhones are featured in a lot of television shows and movies. One would think that everybody walks around with iPhones. Where I work, the iPhone is in the majority among the IT staff. I am currently the sole Android user in my department. This would seem to track with the trend I noticed on television. It seems that a lot of the non-tech crowd is into Android, however.

These observations were far from scientific, as I only casually observed phones, and then only when I was close enough to figure out what the phone was. I just found it interesting how common Android phones are in the real world. There are without question a number of influencing factors, of which I am well aware. AT&T seems to do pretty well in Ventura County, but it is the only carrier with the iPhone and I likely encountered a lot of Sprint and Verizon customers over the weekend. I also was around a particular social group, and they may or may not intentionally prefer Android. I could go on about the influencing factors, but I think it is fair enough to say that I wasn’t trying to be scientific here. I was simply enjoying my weekend and made some observations that interested me.

Have you noticed an increase in Android devices in your area? Let me know in the comments.

Did iOS 4.1 Fix the iPhone 3G? Nope

Monday, September 20th, 2010

iOS 4.1 was supposed to “fix” the issues that iOS 4.0 caused on the iPhone 3G. While there were some initial improvements, the problems didn’t cease. In fact, some new problems emerged.

The most annoying problem occurs during or just after charging the phone. The iPhone works as usual, as best as it can, during normal use. Once you decide to charge the phone it goes into a perpetual state of updating. No matter what you do, the second the power cord is plugged in, you can’t use any apps. Facebook? Updating. Words With Friends? Updating. Safari? Updating. This would be fine if the phone was actually updating. All it is really doing is crashing the phone. To fix the problem, one has to completely power down the phone and restart it.

I am very glad I switched my wife to Android. On a related note, Michael Arrington had a great post on TechCrunch about how bad the iPhone is. I read his post aloud to my wife who nodded with every point he made. Her iPhone experience was described precisely. Go ahead and check it out. It is a good read.

What other iPhone quirks have you found? Did iOS 4.1 fix your phone or have you had a similar experience? Let me know in the comments.