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Did AT&T Already Ax the Xperia X10?

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

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There have been rumors that AT&T is planning to ax the Xperia X10 as of March 6. Axing it before even giving it a chance. It appears that AT&T may have jumped the gun a bit, as the Xperia X10 is no longer shown on the AT&T site. See the image below for the current Android offerings.

The Motorola Backflip, also expected to get the ax, is shown as out of stock. The Samsung Captivate is also out of stock, but more likely due to AT&T’s better marketing efforts for the device. As you can see, the Xperia X10 is nowhere to be found. Not even refurbished.

AT&T customers who bought an Xperia X10 have received virtually no support for the device. While the world enjoyed Eclair and two subsequent upgrades, AT&T customers are still stuck with Android 1.6. Considering the speculative March 6 end date, it would seem that AT&T never intended to offer Eclair for its customers. Those customers are going to be stuck for the next year and a half as AT&T finally starts focusing on Android and leaves the early adopters behind. With Mobile World Congress occurring next week, it is possible we will see the Xperia Arc or Xperia Play making their way towards AT&T. If that happens, there will be a lot of disappointed customers at AT&T – more than the usual amount.

AT&T has left Xperia owners no choice but to de-brand and upgrade the software themselves. De-branding alone gets rid of all the AT&T bloatware, and the phone is noticeably faster. Add Eclair to the phone, and things get even better. XDA has everything you need. You can even upgrade to beta builds of Froyo, or alpha builds of Gingerbread. There are a lot of people at XDA committed to giving us the most our phones can offer. Be sure to check out the site when you are ready to enjoy the phone that AT&T doesn’t want you to have.

AT&T is going to learn a valuable lesson this year. Poor customer service is bad for business. We’ll see the first wave when people start switching to Verizon for their iPhone fix. Next, the Android customers will be forced to de-brand their phones in order to get timely updates. Hopefully this will be enough of a wake up call that things will change at AT&T. I am not holding my breath though. I am really enjoying Froyo on my Xperia X10. I welcome you to join me.

iPhone 4 – Verizon vs AT&T

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The iPhone 4 is nearly at Verizon’s door. Just a few more days and the pre-order will begin. As more details are being revealed about the iPhone at Verizon, one wonders if it is really a better deal than AT&T.

Verizon’s iPhone4 will be available for $200 for 16GB or $300 for 32GB. AT&T’s iPhone4 is available for $200 for 16GB and $300 for 32GB. Verizon will offer a personal hot spot for $20. AT&T offers Wi-Fi tethering for $20. Verizon will offer unlimited data for a limited time. AT&T has an unlimited plan for grandfathered customers, and a limited plan for everyone else. Verizon will follow suite. Seeing a pattern here? Verizon and AT&T are offering the same phone with the same pricing. So how do you choose your carrier?

Verizon is the largest US carrier. The size is partially due to the outdated CDMA network. It may be big, but it is not fast. Verizon does has some perks though. Rather than using hot spot access from your data plan, a separate 2GB is allocated for the feature. This will be helpful for conserving your data plan usage once the unlimited plan goes away. Verizon will have a lot less congestion on its network, so you probably won’t experience the major crashes that AT&T customers suffered as the iPhone rapidly increased in popularity. It’s not all roses at big red. Verizon can’t currently offer a simultaneous connection to voice and data services. This is a big deal.

AT&T, is on the more advanced GSM network, as is T-Mobile and virtually the rest of the world. AT&T has the fastest service, when it is actually available. . AT&T offers simultaneous voice and data services. AT&T’s huge coverage gaps are annoying, but recent upgrades have improved things, at least in the L.A. area. AT&T is even rumored to be offering unlimited data to those who opted out of the service last year. AT&T is trying to reduce the number of people jumping ship in February.

As you decide which carrier to go with, ask yourself a few questions. Do you want speed or reliability? The pricing is mostly identical. Do you want a fast network that is sometimes reliable, or a slow network that is typically reliable? Do you want to be able to check your email while talking on the phone, or not?

All of this might be moot, however, as Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone within the next couple of months. At the end of the day, the iPhone 4 is almost a year old. As much as I’d like to see a mass exodus from AT&T to benefit the rest of AT&T’s customers, you may want to think twice about signing up for a two-year commitment this close to the next version’s launch.

AT&T Not Upgrading Xperia Any Time Soon

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

The Sony Ericsson Facebook page has been updated to address the Eclair upgrade for AT&T customers. The bottom line shouldn’t surprise most of us – it isn’t coming soon. AT&T has refused to comment on the issue, so it was good for Sony Ericsson to explain the issue in a public forum like Facebook.

The reason for the delay make sense, even if it is disappointing. For one, AT&T got the phone last, so the upgrade will roll out in a similar manner. We had hoped to see a bit more good will from AT&T considering the long wait, but our hopes were in vain. AT&T has no interest in serving its customers.

The second reason for a long delay is that AT&T (and FCC?) requires exhaustive testing prior to launch. This was the same reason given for the delay of the Xperia itself. AT&T needs to get over itself at this point and let this upgrade through. AT&T should also inform its employees about what is going on. This is not AT&T’s strong point though.

At some point in the distant future AT&T will get around to upgrading the Xperia OS to Eclair. Hopefully this will be before Honeycomb comes out. Given AT&T’s history, don’t hold your breath. Considering the fact that I will likely be eligible for an upgrade before Eclair comes to AT&T I think it is time to take a serious look at the XDA option. I was really hoping it wouldn’t come to that. I am probably going to hold out a bit longer, but many AT&T customers have already flashed to the Nordic kit to get Eclair early. It comes down to how comfortable you are taking control of your phone.

Perhaps when AT&T sees even its most cautious customers diving into alternatives it will get the hint. The Xperia is my sole tie to AT&T currently. Should Sony Ericsson make a non-GSM Android phone I will be more than happy to move on. If you decide to root, good luck. If not, let’s hope the wait isn’t really as long as it seems. Sony Ericsson will be posting updates to its dedicated Facebook tab. You can find the page here.