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Now Rent Video Games By Mail from Blockbuster

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Visit and you will find a new feature. You can now rent games from its Netflix-inspired Blockbuster By Mail program.

If you were surprised to learn that Blockbuster is still in business, you are not alone. The last few years have not been very favorable at Blockbuster. I picked up some bargain Star Wars posters from a couple local stores that were closing. I figured the rest were on their way out. Add to the closings the fact that Blockbuster got booted from the NYSE, and things aren’t looking so good.

Blockbuster has been trying hard to catch up to its competitors. Blockbuster made a good deal with movie distributors after Netflix and Redbox caved. It is now offering video game rentals through its rent-by-mail program. It also allows you to rent Blu-Ray discs without paying an additional fee. Will this be enough to save it? Probably not. It is, however, worth checking out before the ship finally sinks.

Your video game rentals are subject to your rental agreement. If you are on the 3 movies at a time plan, you can rent 3 games. The rules are different about returning a game in store though. While you can turn in a game in-store for a free movie rental with the Total Access subscription, you only get a discount on the game rental.

As I said before, this is unlikely to save the firm. Today is the day Blockbuster must pay the piper, in the form of $42 million in deferred debt. The fact that only one of the three stores I can recall off-hand in my area is still standing makes me wonder how much longer the store has. Until then, I’m checking out the game rentals. I figure it couldn’t hurt.