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Google Buzz Gets Reshare Option

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Google Buzz got a new feature today, and there was much rejoicing. The easiest way to describe the feature is to compare it to Twitter’s retweet, though it does Buzz injustice to do so. Reshare is the way a Buzz post can be copied, annotated, and shared with your inner circle. It is a way to keep conversations flowing, and allows for “forking”, or branching of the conversation, as naturally happens on social sites.

The feature has been requested by Buzz users for a long time, so we were all excited to hear the news this morning. The update was said to roll out to all users by the end of the day today. I got mine around 2:00, so I had to wait longer than some but less than others. Go ahead and check it out. You will likely see everyone else testing it too. There are Reshares all over Buzz today.

If you haven’t tried Buzz yet, you are really missing out. Buzz is the best of Twitter, Facebook, and Friendfeed, all rolled into a nice Google wrapper. Buzz is located inside of your free Gmail account, so be sure to check it out.