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Cisco Discontinues the Flip Camera

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Cisco announced this week that it will be restructuring its consumer offerings. Part of this restructuring included a termination of the popular Flip video camera.

Cisco intends to focus on its networking and telecommunication products. It will offer transitional support for existing Flip customers. Part of the reason this has created shock waves in the tech world was that not only was the Flip a market leader, Cisco only purchased the Flip two years ago. It seems an awfully short time to give up a popular product. It was only this year that Sony and other firms came up with reasonable competition.

As a simple HD video camera, the Flip is pretty good. I’ve used the Flip a number of times for product review videos on this blog. My main complaint has been that there is no light, making it nearly impossible to shoot a quality video indoors. Sony added a light to its new Bloggie cameras, and I assumed the Flip would too. Now that the Flip is discontinued it will be easier to transition to the Sony. It wasn’t only pocket video cameras providing competition though. With my Xperia I can shoot 720p video, just like the Flip. I can also shoot 8.1MP still photos, something the Flip couldn’t do. Cell phones are quickly gaining ground in the consumer video market.

The news is certainly disappointing. Even more disappointing is that Cisco will be laying off roughly 500 employees by the end of 2011 as part of this restructuring. Hopefully they will be able to find new jobs by the time the hammer drops. If you have any thoughts about the demise of the Flip or just want to comment on my new blog layout, feel free to drop a note in the comments.