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Dell Streak Now Available

Friday, August 13th, 2010

The Dell Streak is now available at

Today is launch day for the Dell Streak. It’s still not available at AT&T, but you can pick up an AT&T plan when you buy the Streak in order to get your subsidy. With the Dell Aero still missing from AT&T’s lineup, it would make sense to substitute the Aero for the Streak. The Streak is going to be far more popular than the Aero, so I wonder what AT&T’s plan is. It is possible that AT&T is hesitant to put out two Android 1.6 phones back to back, while the competition is already releasing Froyo. At any rate, the Streak’s lack of availability puts Sony Ericsson at the top of the official AT&T Android line. Maybe that’s for the best.

Dell Streak Available August 12…Really

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Dell has announced the official (for real) launch of the Streak on AT&T.

The pre-sale is still on, and will occur on August 12. An email will be sent out the morning of the 12th, including a link to the sale site. As before, pre-orders will receive a free upgrade to 2nd Business Day shipping and an exclusive coupon code for a 99ยข Plantronics Bluetooth Headset, with purchase of course. The Streak will go on sale to everyone else on Friday the 13th. Make of that what you will.

The Streak will set you back $300 on contract, or $550 without. This is roughly twice the price of the Xperia X10, but with few obvious additions. The screen is 1″ larger, and there is a front-facing camera. These are cool features, but should they double the price? Dell actually passed up Sony in a pricing point, which seems out of character for Dell. The Sony is actually the more affordable phone, and is fairly loaded with features. I wonder how well Dell will do here. Both devices feature Android 1.6, with promised upgrades in the near future. The Streak will jump straight to Froyo though, while Sony Ericsson will take a bit longer to get there.

If you haven’t registered for the pre-sale yet, there is apparently a little more time. You should hurry though. Sign up here.

The Streak is finally on its way. Dell missed one deadline, obviously missing its July launch. If this is still the phone for you, the wait is almost over.

Where is the Streak?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Dell’s Streak was supposed to be available by the end of July. Just before the month ended, the pre-sale info page changed the wording to indicate it is coming soon. It’s August 5, and yet there is no Streak. There has been little talk about the missed launch date, which intrigues me.

When a phone misses its launch, there are usually plenty of bloggers around to rub it in, cause a commotion, or in some other way make it very clear to the world that the date was missed. Sony Ericsson has certainly caught a lot of grief over the Xperia X10, so I wonder how Dell managed to come out clean. There have been a few posts about the Streak getting an upgrade, but nobody seems interested in calling Dell out on this one. No mention of the missed launch has been attached to the posts I read about the update. Is it just that nobody really cared about the Streak? Are people unsure of Dell’s place in the mobile phone market? Now that I am thinking about it I haven’t heard a lot about the Aero either. Maybe people just expect the product to just disappear.

The Streak looks like an interesting device. There are plenty of people who want one. It was supposed to be ready by the end of July and it isn’t. I understand that products don’t always launch on time, or when the customers want them. This post is more about the silence about the issue than the issue itself. I am simply curious as to whether it was apathy or courtesy that allowed Dell to come out relatively unscathed.