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Dropbox App Update Available, Now on Blackberry Too

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Dropbox’s mobile apps were updated today. The various mobile platforms all received an upgrade, and Blackberry got a launch out of it. If you haven’t heard of DropBox, you should definitely check it out. Dropbox is a personal file storage app that lets you have access to all of your files from wherever you are. I use the service a lot for saving work, school, and personal files in a single location so I can access them from home or from my office. It has been especially useful for school work. I can log in from my laptop, my work desktop, or even my Android phone. There is an iPhone/iPad version available, and now Blackberry has its own app.

The updates to the iPhone/iPad app include a new home screen, HD support, and caching. The Android app got an upgraded photo gallery and multiple photo uploading. As I’ve mentioned already, the Blackberry actually has Dropbox now, so it was less of an upgrade than a launch.

To learn more about Dropbox on a mobile device, check out from your phone. You can also download the app directly for Blackberry, Android, or iOS.

I hadn’t heard anything about the other devices, but Android’s app had some early issues with the update. The upgrade was failing to install do to a conflict between Dropbox and Android’s servers. It appears to be resolved, though, so you can go ahead and install it.

One of the interesting things about the Android app is the streaming features. I am able to listen to music stored in my account without having to download it to my phone. I found that to be pretty convenient. I have Dropbox on my netbook, laptop, work computer, and my Android phone. You get 2GB for free, and there are paid upgrade options if you need more storage.

Dropbox is really a useful tool, and it continues to get better. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.