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Gifts for Girl Geeks – Pink PS3 DualShock 3 Controller

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

The PlayStation 3 is not just for the boys any more. Show your girl how much you care with a new pink DualShock 3 controller. Not a fan of pink? The Dualshock 3 is available in black, silver, blue, and red as well.

So, why give a DualShock 3 controller? According to Sony, “Each hit, crash and explosion is more realistic when you feel the rumble right in the palm of your hands.” Sounds like a pretty good reason to me. Here are the specs:

  • Built-in SIXAXIS motion technology
  • Bluetooth connection for wireless game play
  • USB cable seamlessly charges the controller through the PS3

Ordinarily a $54.99 purchase price, you can find the range of DualShock 3 controllers on Amazon and elsewhere somewhere between $43 and $47. The pink controller can be found here.

Go ahead and pick up this pink controller and watch the girl in your life blow past your player ranking. If she doesn’t have a PS3, maybe you should add that to your shopping list as well.