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Firefox Sync

Friday, June 4th, 2010

A while back my computer was acting up yet again, so I made the decision to reformat the hard drive and make the leap to Windows 7. I made all my backups, copied important files, and prepared for this huge endeavor. I always have to search for Firefox backups because I do it so rarely, but each time is quite a chore. I found the files I needed, copied them over, and wiped the drive. As I reinstalled my programs, I noticed I missed a crucial file and no longer had my bookmarks. I have very specific work bookmarks that I didn’t want to lose, but fortunately have the same bookmarks shared on my home laptop. As I would have to dig around and find the appropriate files to copy, I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. Firefox just made it so I don’t have to.

As you can see above, I just implemented Firefox Sync as an add-on. With Firefox 4, this will be standard rather than an add-on, but I want my data a little faster. Google Chrome had spoiled me, and I really want my bookmarks to be portable. Delicious was a way I solved this problem, but now Firefox is ready for portability. It is as easy as installing an add-on currently. Once Firefox restarts I can choose to set up or connect to a sync account. I entered some information about myself, created a password and a backup phrase, and that was that. When I next log into the account that has all the info, I will connect to my sync account and all my files will transfer for me. Bookmarks, history, and more will be interchangeable from machine to machine, as currently works in Chrome.

I am pretty stoked about this, since it will save me a lot of time not only right now, but each time I install a new computer. If you would rather not install the add-on you can still benefit from this feature. Just wait until Firefox 4.