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Google Launches eBookstore

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Update:The Android app is for Eclair and above only.

Google announced the opening of the new Google eBookstore this morning citing an interest in providing easier access to the world’s knowledge repositories, known as books. With three million available titles, and hundreds of thousands of those titles for sale, Google is in a prime position to run a bookstore.

Google’s ebooks are already available on a variety of devices, from netbooks, tablets, cell phones, e-readers, and computers. Google is adding a Web Reader and an Android & iPhone Reader app to the mix as well, making this bookstore quite versatile. You’ll get cloud-based access to all your books wherever you are. Google sweetens the deal by offering unlimited book storage as well.

Google’s ebook collection has already been useful to me in my educational persuits, and this new eBookstore looks like it will kick it up a notch or two. You can check out Google’s introductory video below. You can find the Google eBookstore at