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Google and NORAD Team Up to Track Santa

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Google and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have teamed up again this year to track Santa as he makes his famous run on Christmas Eve. NORAD has been doing this since 1955, being joined by Google in 2007. This year there are kid games on the tracking web site as well as the usual countdown.

Santa tracking officially begins at 2:00 am EST on December 24. You have a couple of options in the method of tracking. Google Earth and Google Maps are available on your desktop. Google Maps will also track Santa on your phone. Just search for “Santa” whichever method you choose.

Here is the video from last year’s Santa tracking:

From your computer, go to to start tracking. From your mobile browser, you can go to The site’s content changes daily to keep your kids entertained as they wait for the big day. My kids are pretty excited from all the contact they’ve received from Santa, so tracking him will really make their day. Hopefully your kids will have as much fun as mine waiting for Santa this year – at least until they have to go to bed.

Adidas Brings the Death Star to Your Town

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

And now for the hat trick. 3 Star Wars posts in one day.

In a unique campaign strategy, Adidas teamed up with Star Wars, Facebook, and Google Maps to display a fun little app. By going to the Adidas page you can choose to connect with Facebook (for a better experience). I let it use my Facebook info and the ensuing video was quite entertaining.

The video shows the Death Star scene from the original Star Wars movie with a twist. Your city (with a reasonably vague level of accuracy) and Facebook profile image show up, with your name as the target parameters. The Death Star zooms in and sends a destructive beam to your city, embedding a crater shaped like the Adidas logo. Once your city is blown up, you can give your friends the same treatment. You can use your Facebook friends list to choose your victim. Evidently Adidas is going to have a new Star Wars line, and this is the beginning of the marketing campaign.

Score another one for the geeks. I don’t even wear Adidas but here I am contributing to their marketing campaign. :)