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Host A PlayStation Move Party

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

PlayStation Move is coming this year, and you have a chance to help bring it in with a bang. Sony has teamed up with House Party to offer select PlayStation fans a chance to host a Move party to celebrate the launch.

Why host a party?

  • A chance to play it first
  • Party Packs include a PlayStation Move motion controller bundle and new games: including Sports Champions, The Shoot, and Start the Party to name a few
  • 6 months of opportunities to win rewards in the House Party online community

The PlayStation Move bundle comes with 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers and a PS Eye Camera, as well as the above-mentioned games. You also get “everything you need” to host an awesome PlayStation House Party.

To host a House Party, you have to sign up and get approved. Once approved, you invite your friends, post pics about the upcoming event, get promo materials, and more. You then host the party to share all the cool new features about the new PlayStation Move. You might recall Microsoft’s version of this for the Windows 7 parties. I never thought that made any sense. This, on the other hand, makes perfect sense. I think the chance to host a PlayStation Move party would be a great experience. You get to play with the Move, have fun with your friends, and blog about it. What more fun could a PlayStation fan and blogger have? You can bet I signed up the moment I heard about it. I would recommend that you do so too. It doesn’t take long. You agree to follow the rules and then fill out a brief survey. Then you wait to see if you are selected.

To sign up, click here. If you get selected, have fun. If not, it’s still worth a shot. You’ll get to play with the Move eventually. If I get picked I’ll be sure to let you know, and you’ll see details, as long as its permitted by the rules of the promotion.