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HTC Aria Strikes Out

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Last week I posted about my wife’s shattered HTC Aria that resulted from a two and a half foot drop. HTC contacted us after 6:00 pm Pacific on Friday to tell us to call its service hotline to see what could be done. Turns out the office closed at 5:00 pm Eastern. Strike one. After waiting out the holiday, it was time to call this morning. It didn’t go so well.

The number provided was not much help. When we called we were informed that this company doesn’t work on/service the HTC Aria at all. Strike two.

The next call was directly to HTC, who promptly attempted to send us back to the first number. After convincing the service rep that the other company wouldn’t be able to help, we finally got an attempt at service. It turns out that HTC is also “unable” to help. According to HTC Customer Service, the phone is so new that there are no replacement parts for it. No replacement parts means HTC can’t fix the broken phone. Ok, so what about replacing the phone? “We don’t have any here.” So, HTC can’t repair the phone, and can’t replace it. How then does it have units to sell new unwitting customers? HTC declined to answer. Strike three.

While the Aria was a really promising phone, it turns out to be a strikeout. It is too easy to break, and if you do break it there is no infrastructure in place to take care of it. HTC customers are really getting nailed now. Not good. I don’t believe I can honestly recommend the HTC Aria at this point. I wouldn’t want a reader to get one only to have it break a week later without recourse. If you are somehow still interested, I recommend waiting the same couple of months I recommend the iPhone 4 fans. Give HTC some time to get its act together so you don’t buy a defective product.