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YouTube Offers Dynamic Video Embeds

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

YouTube is making it easier to make sure your videos are viewable in more locations, i.e. on Apple. Typically, Flash-based YouTube videos would show up as a large blank spot in an RSS feed or on an iPad or iPhone. With HTML5 you can get your video out to a larger audience. Currently Internet Explorer is the only browser not capable of HTML5 features, but this will be remedied with version IE 9. Rather than make you do extra work to allow for all audiences, Google provides a simple iframe that can play either version.

I’ve used this new embed code for the last couple of videos I posted, and it works as I expected it to. I was able to view the videos in apps that normally just show a gap where the video should be. If you don’t have access to this new feature yet, it should be coming relatively soon. The description of the feature mentions that this is a developer preview, but that was back in July. I’m not sure when the full roll-out will occur. I’ll keep my eye on it though and let you know when it is launched. By way of illustration I’ll leave you with one of my more popular videos, that of the shattered HTC Aria.