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IE9 Preview Sans Windows XP

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Microsoft finally figured out that HTML5 and CSS3 are desirable features in a browser. It only took two browser versions to get there, but at least they finally did. Internet Explorer 9 can be downloaded as a preview version at a special demo site.

On the demo site you will notice a variety of brag areas, from CSS samples to HTML5 teasers. What you won’t find is support for Windows XP. Microsoft decided it was going to stick it to the developers who have been nagging at them for having virus-prone, insecure browsers. While I have Vista on the laptop I am writing this blog on, I have no intention of downloading IE9. I don’t have the time to tear down my XP computers in order to load Windows 7, and I am certainly not interested in paying the upgrade fees. This was a pretty bold move from a dying company.

As it is, this preview version is more of a proof-of-concept than an actual browser. Once Microsoft figures out what it is doing and supports Windows XP, I might take a quick peek. After all, as a web developer I always have to check to see what codes Microsoft managed to break. For you Internet Explorer die-hards, let me know what you think. Is it faster? Is it more secure? At this point I am not sure that it matters. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome left Microsoft in the dust ages ago.