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Apple’s Shady Ads

Monday, May 17th, 2010

I haven’t watched a lot of television lately, having a new baby and having moved recently, but the few times I have watched something I have seen Apple advertising the iPad. What I find interesting in the ads, when I don’t fast forward through them, is how they advertise the web-browsing capabilities. What stands out is the line saying the “entire internet” is available. Anyone watching the news or reading any sort of tech blog knows that is an outright lie.

Over and over Steve Jobs has gone on record about his policy on Adobe Flash, Google Android, and pornography. While he is entitled to steer his ship any way he wants, to lie about it in ads is really disturbing. A large number of websites depend on Adobe Flash. How can a device that has totally rejected Flash really display the “entire internet?” It kind of reminds me of the AT&T vs Verizon ads, but that is another story. A jaded audience has certainly been trained to expect a firm to lie about a product, but I still found it interesting how the ad completely ignores the press battle going on between Adobe and Apple.

The truth is that the iPad does not show the “entire internet”. It shows Steve Jobs’ limited view of the internet. For all his talk on HTML 5 being the future, he is really not interested in anything but his walled garden. Even if he told the truth he would still sell millions of units. That he needs to lie about it on TV is interesting. Perhaps he thinks that we’ve all seen the chink in his armor. Perhaps he has been wounded and doesn’t want us to know. Everyone knows that Jobs is synonymous with Censorship, so the commercials really should be edited to reflect reality. Just a thought.