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iOS 4.1 Coming Next Week

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

When iOS 4 was released just prior to the iPhone 4, older iPhones like the iPhone 3G got hosed. It took up to a couple of tries just to install the upgrade, and then slowed down or stalled a number of programs right away. It took quite some time to get Apple to even acknowledge the hosed phones, especially in light of Antennagate which was taking up a lot more of Apple’s attention. Today Steve Jobs announced that the fix for the iPhone 3G is coming, and it’s coming next week.

Some of the updates coming with iOS 4.1 include:

  • Proximity fix
  • Bluetooth fix
  • iPhone 3G fix
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo upgrade
  • HD Video uploads over Wi-Fi
  • TV show rentals

There is some doubt as to the merit of the HDR photos. Other than that, this should be a welcome update for iPhone users who haven’t upgraded to a 3GS or iPhone 4. It took a little too long to address the iPhone 3G bugs, but at least it has finally been done.

iOS 4.1 will be made available next week. There will be an additional upgrade in November to iOS 4.2, and this upgrade will bring a lot of features to the iPad.

Apple Finally Taking a Look at iOS4 Software

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

While a lot of news has been given to “Antennagate” and the other problems endured by iPhone 4 users, not a lot of time has been dedicated to the problems with the iOS 4 upgrade on earlier iPhone devices. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is finally looking into some of these problems.

I installed the software on an iPhone 3G soon after it was made available. It crashed during the upgrade. I had to try a second time. Since then, programs have lagged, disappeared, or otherwise stopped working. This problem has been largely overshadowed by the antenna and screen shatter issues. It is about time this issue was addressed. The Wall Street Journal article advises iPhone 3G owners to opt out of the upgrade if they haven’t already upgraded. I agree with this advice. Once you’ve upgraded, it is really hard to go back.

In the mean time, some other blogs have shown a quick fix that may or may not help you. It turns out the Spotlight Search is sucking a lot of memory up, causing some slowing. A user at Neowin offered the following solution: Go to Settings -> General -> Home Button -> Spotlight Search and uncheck every search option. Some have reported an immediate fix to the problem. I was unable to see a noticeable change, so this solution may or may not work for you. As Apple looks into the problem though, hopefully there will be a more permanent fix. Apple should also offer an “easy button” for rolling the 3G back to the earlier OS.

iPhone Fans Facing the Music

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Depending on who you ask, the iOS 4 and iPhone launches have been a disaster. Steve Jobs swears everything is okay, but that is to be expected. A lot of the fanboys I’ve talked to who have not yet upgraded to the iPhone 4 have also wisely opted out of the iOS 4 upgrade. It seems that both the upgrade and the new phone are having a lot of issues right now.

As we discussed before, the iPhone 4‘s issue list has been rising. iOS 4 hasn’t fared much better.

To date, the iPhone 4 suffers from a number of issues. Here’s the short list:

  • Yellow blotches on screen (May resolve with use as the adhesives dry)
  • Loss of signal while holding in left hand (Steve Jobs – “Don’t hold it that way”)
  • Glass is easy to shatter
  • Exchange is not syncing correctly

Apple’s response? There is no issue. Not Apple’s smartest move, but considering the loyal fan base, it can afford to snub people. What about the iOS4? Here are some of those issues:

  • Upgrade freezes midstream
  • Upgrade process runs really slow (Over 1 hour to upgrade in some cases)
  • Upgrade bricks the phone
  • Wipes out data, not recoverable through backup
  • Backup won’t roll back to previous OS (you have to reinstall iOS 4)

One customer I know now has to make an appointment with the Apple Store to see if there is any hope to recover data. The backup failed and she lost everything. My wife had to reinstall the OS, due to most of the issues in the above list. The web is full of such stories. While some are clearly a case of piling on, there are a lot of legitimate gripes.

Apple’s management of the problem has been dismal to date. There is a document floating around with a support script which denies there is a reception problem. Steve Jobs says people should hold the phone a different way, even though he held it the “wrong” way at the launch event. Apple customer service tries to sell a $30 case to fix the problem.

Apple has relied upon blind loyalty for a long time. It is in a powerful position. Many customers feel Apple can do no wrong. Some of these customers are finding out the hard way how wrong they were. Of course, there are those whose phones work as advertised. Good for them, they are the lucky ones. For the rest of the crowd, there is tension in the air. Will Apple make things right? Will there be a mass exodus? If history shows anything, both answers are “no.” Apple has enough loyal fans to ride out this storm. Hopefully the plight of its customers causes at least a little angst in the board room. Otherwise, this won’t be the end to the problems iPhone customers face. Apple doesn’t have a scapegoat this time. It can’t blame AT&T. This is hardware and software under complete Apple control. Let’s hope Apple can make things right, for the sake of its customers.