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AT&T Early Upgrades

Monday, June 7th, 2010

BGR reported that AT&T will be offering iPhone users an early upgrade for a simple $18 convenience fee and a new two-year contract. I told my wife, who wants to dump her useless iPhone but can’t until December, since I thought it would make her day. Even with her iPhone problems, she was still willing to consider the new iPhone. She checked her eligibility and noticed that there wasn’t a single iPhone available for her to upgrade to. I checked the site and sure enough, Apple is not one of the choices in the filter area. It looks like the iPhone has been pulled until Apple’s big announcement.

The best part of this deal though, is that it looks like any phone is eligible, not just the iPhone. That means we can switch to Android, Web OS, or even Blackberry. Anyone itching to upgrade apparently now has an easy way to do so.