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Shopkick Offers a New Twist on Checking In

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010


Shopkick is going to change the way you check in with your mobile phone. At least that’s the plan.

Checking in has had its hazards, some of them involving rampant cheating and others involving insurmountable odds. Shopkick hopes to change that. Instead of being able to check in by being near a business, or in the parking lot, you will check in automatically just by walking into a store. The app can’t check in outside the store, which helps keep the system honest. When you walk into a store, a Best Buy or Macy’s, for instance, the app checks in and you earn rewards. The stores will give you special discounts, and you will earn “kickbucks” from the app that are redeemable for gift cards, iPads, music downloads, and more, according to the site. TechCrunch has featured the app a few times, and even interviewed its co-founder and CEO, Cyriac Roeding.

I tried to download the app on an iPad, but only found CauseWorld, a similar app from Shopkick. This app lets you earn rewards for charities. I was able to find a few businesses near me that offered points. I’ll be checking them out soon to see how easy it is to earn points. You earn 5 “karma” points just for joining, and then increase your tally by visiting sites. This looks to be a good preview of this new Shopkick app, so be sure to check it out.

Shopkick offers a brief introductory video on its website. Check it out below.

While you can get kickbucks by simply walking into a store, there are other ways to earn points. You are also able to scan certain items in the store for points. There will be some promotions to watch out for as well.

Shopkick will be available primarily in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago at launch. A more limited offering will be available in Miami, Dallas and Minneapolis. This looks like it could be a viable alternative to other check-in sites, and may help bolster brick-and-mortar sales in a web world. A win-win for all involved. As more information becomes available, I will keep you up to date. You can also sign up for the mailing list here.