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PlayStation Move – First Impressions

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I’ve been playing with the PlayStation Move for a couple hours now and the first thing I have to say is: man I’m sore. They weren’t kidding when they said you will actually have to move with this controller. I picked up the Move Bundle from Amazon for $99.

In the box:

  • PlayStation Move controller
  • PlayStation Eye camera
  • PlayStation Move demo disc
  • Sports Champions game

To get started, you need to plug the USB charger into the Move to both give it power and pair the controller with the PS3. You also need to plug in the PlayStation Eye camera. That’s pretty much it for the setup. I inserted Sports Champions and my 4 year old son and I took turns playing the various games. Being used to the Wii, my son actually did pretty well, even if he didn’t understand what he was doing.

I started with archery and moved on to the Gladiator arena. I definitely got a pretty good workout. I will be feeling tonight’s testing for a few days I’ll bet. While Sports Champions may look like the Wii Sports bundle at a glance, it is definitely a full-fledged game. The demo disc is more like the Wii counterpart. Sports Champions takes you through a few different gaming areas including archery, volleyball, bocce, ping pong, and gladiator games. So far I’ve had quite a bit of fun with the game.

The Move is what the Wii could have been. It is easier to select options from across the room, and the PlayStation Eye is much better than the infrared bar on the Wii. You can actually make selections without being precisely centered in front of a sensor bar like with the Wii. I haven’t tried the demo disc yet, but Sports Champions at least was played standing up. This isn’t something you can easily do from your couch. You really have to get into the game in order to fully experience the Move. The camera calibrates with each new game, which was helpful when my son and I were taking turns.

The Move is a well-built controller. It looks sharp, and the buttons are largely familiar as they are based on the original controller. There are the usual x, triangle, square, and circle buttons, a PlayStation button, start and select buttons, a trigger, and a large central control button.

I found the Move to be a vast improvement over the controller offered with the Wii. As much as I’d like to avoid comparing the two, it is inevitably going to be done. The Move does what the Wii can’t. I am still really happy with my Wii for the most part, but the controller issues have been a problem from the start. The Move works from a greater angle, and is already far more reliable than the Wii-mote.

When I completed a couple of bronze round events, the camera added an augmented reality feature where I could hold a bow or a sword (depending on which game I’d won) in front of the camera and either send the picture to Facebook or save it for later use. That was an unexpected surprise, and a pretty cool one at that. The only issue with the camera so far is that it is pretty grainy. I need to check out the configuration options to see if this can be fixed.

All in all, the Move is a great addition for my PS3. It is easy to use and it offers a nice alternative to traditional console gaming. I want to continue testing it before I offer a full review, but so far it is looking pretty good.

Did you get a Move? What Sports Champions game have you mastered already? Let me know in the comments.

Upgraded PlayStation 3 Consoles Coming this Fall

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Sony has announced new PlayStation consoles coming this Fall. One is a bundle, one is not. Both feature expanded hard drives.

The PlayStation Move Sports Champions Bundle features a PS3 Console with a 320GB hard drive and the PlayStation Move bundle. The bundle, worth $100 alone, consists of a PlayStation Eye camera, a Move controller, the game “Sports Champions” and another demo game disc. The camera itself is going for $30-$40 now, so the bundle is a good deal even without throwing in a huge hard drive on the console. The whole package will cost $400, so the savings is in the Move bundle and not the overall package. Sony and Microsoft have been consistently offering the same pricing point while simply upgrading features, which is nice, but not everyone can afford a $300 console.

Sony is also upgrading the hard drive on the standard console. It will feature a 160GB drive. The box on the Move bundle mentions Netflix streaming, but the 160GB one doesn’t. I am not sure if this means anything, as I would expect both versions to feature Netflix, having been told the disc-less version was coming.

Next month will be a good one for Sony with the launch of the PlayStation Move, as well as these consoles. Both consoles and the stand-alone Move bundle will be available September 19. I am particularly looking forward to the Move. What do you think? Are you waiting for the Move, or do you prefer Microsoft’s Kinnect for Xbox 360? Are you going to buy both? Let me know in the comments.