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Netflix Launches Streaming-Only Plan in the US

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Netflix announced its new streaming-only service today. For $7.99, you can watch unlimited streaming video from your internet-capable TV, device, or video game console.

“We are now primarily a streaming video company delivering a wide selection of TV shows and films over the Internet”
Reed Hastings, Netflix Cofounder and CEO

The pricing of the DVD plans is going up by at least $1. The $1 hike is for the one or two disc options. The other ones increase slightly more. See the updated pricing list below for details.

Streaming videos are definitely becoming more popular, and evidently Netflix’s streaming customer base has been growing. Canadian customers already had access to stream-only service. It will be interesting to see how well Netflix does with this new US plan. It would have been nice to see the pricing remain steady, but the increase isn’t terribly steep at the bottom tier.

At $7.99, Netflix is competing directly with Hulu Plus. I think Netflix is the better value between the two, so we’ll see if the market agrees. Netflix’s streaming content is not as extensive as its DVD collection, but according to Netflix the streaming options have been steadily increasing. Even so, I think I am interested in keeping the DVD option a bit longer.

Disc-Less Netflix Streaming on PS3 AND Wii Today

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Today is launch-day for streaming Netflix content without a disc on the Sony PlayStation 3 (see earlier post here). Today, Netflix added the Nintendo Wii to the list. Netflix is now available to download from the Wii Shop Channel.

To get started you need a minimum $8.99/month US ($7.99 Canada) plan, plus a Wii and a broadband connection. The Netflix channel can be downloaded at no extra cost.

The Xbox 360 has offered disc-less streaming from the beginning. The required discs for PS3 and Wii made it much easier to simply use the Xbox instead. If you’ve been hoping and dreaming for a disc-less Wii or PS3 Netflix experience, today is a good day. I have all three consoles at home, but can now use my preferred system with more convenience. I’ll leave it to you to guess which of the three that is.

There is no word on exactly when Netflix will be in the Wii Store, so if you don’t see it immediately keep checking back. It should be there soon.

Disc-Less Netflix Streaming Coming to PS3 October 18

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Netflix streaming video will be made available without requiring a disc starting Monday, October 18 according to the PlayStation Blog. This has been a long time coming, and it is finally arriving. Xbox Live users have been enjoying this feature from the beginning. With this update, only the Wii will be stuck on disc-based Netflix streaming.

With the streaming feature come some even more welcome announcements. The PS3 will be streaming Netflix in 1080p, with Dolby 5.1 support. The HD options will only be available on select movies/shows, but this list will likely grow soon. Netflix is continuing to add subtitles to its streaming content as well.

Finally, to top off an impressive set of improvements, there is also a new user interface that improves the speed and UI appeal. You’ll also be able to search for content directly on the PS3. You should also notice improved response times for beginning content playback.

These are certainly welcomed improvements. I am looking forward to not having to find that streaming disc when I want to watch a show, or removing the game I’m working on just to watch a movie. I’ll be upgrading on Monday and will let you know how it goes.