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Disc-Less Netflix Streaming on PS3 AND Wii Today

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Today is launch-day for streaming Netflix content without a disc on the Sony PlayStation 3 (see earlier post here). Today, Netflix added the Nintendo Wii to the list. Netflix is now available to download from the Wii Shop Channel.

To get started you need a minimum $8.99/month US ($7.99 Canada) plan, plus a Wii and a broadband connection. The Netflix channel can be downloaded at no extra cost.

The Xbox 360 has offered disc-less streaming from the beginning. The required discs for PS3 and Wii made it much easier to simply use the Xbox instead. If you’ve been hoping and dreaming for a disc-less Wii or PS3 Netflix experience, today is a good day. I have all three consoles at home, but can now use my preferred system with more convenience. I’ll leave it to you to guess which of the three that is.

There is no word on exactly when Netflix will be in the Wii Store, so if you don’t see it immediately keep checking back. It should be there soon.

GoldenEye for Wii

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Easily one of Nintendo’s wins today was the announcement of GoldenEye for Wii. Check out the video below.

This looks a lot like the original N64 version, with much better graphics of course. It looks like it was updated to resemble Daniel Craig, which I understand, though I would have preferred Pierce Brosnan in the role. Considering there isn’t a name change, it should have kept the original actor. Other than that, this game looks awesome. I am definitely interested in picking this up.

GoldenEye will be released in time for this year’s Christmas shopping season. I think Santa is going to be delivering quite a few copies of this game. More details to come as they are made available.

Netflix Offers Discount for Wii

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

I mentioned in a post last week that Netflix discs shipped out for the Nintendo Wii Console. I got an e-mail from Netflix that added another incentive to use the service. I don’t know if they sent an e-mail to all of their customers, but I was offered 10% off my Netflix bill for activating my Wii disc. See the screenshot below.

Having already activated the disc this was good news for me. I am always happy about getting an unexpected discount. Hopefully this was system-wide, so all their Wii-loving customers can benefit. I am curious about the deal though. Why didn’t I get a similar deal for my PS3 or Xbox 360? Maybe Nintendo got a little less press from this? Maybe Nintendo’s display capabilities make it less of a favorite? I am certainly happy to get the discount for activating it on my Wii, though. Let me know if you received it or not. I am interested in seeing how far this campaign goes.