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Google Voice for iPhone

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Not one to let Apple get all the attention this week, Google made a big announcement today. It finally has added Google Voice to the iPhone.

Google was famously denied the right to publish Voice as an iPhone app. It managed to come up with a way to bring it to iPhone users anyway, hence today’s announcement. By creatively utilizing HTML5 technology, an iPhone user can access their Voice account from the browser. When a call is connected, the Google Voice number shows up on Caller ID, which is pretty impressive considering the obstacles it has faced.

To get started, go to from your iPhone. Not to neglect the Palm Web OS, which also now has access, but iPhone’s rejection made it the bigger news item.

For those of you who have a Voice account and were lamenting the lack of ability to use with your iPhone, this is a good day for you. My wife and I both have Voice accounts, so now she will be able to use it on her iPhone.