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PlayStation Plus

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

PlayStation announced a new service at E3 called PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Plus will become a paid subscription that coincides with the existing PlayStation Network. Sony made a point to make it clear that all existing free PlayStation Network services would remain free, and would not be toned down. If you enjoy the current features, you will continue to enjoy them. That being said, let’s look at some of the paid subscription perks:

  • Free games
  • Free downloadable content
  • PlayStation Store discounts
  • Early invitations to select betas
  • Free monthly episodes of the Qore show
  • Full Game Trials: “Try before you buy”
  • Automatic Downloads” Demos, Videos, Patches and PS3 firmware updates

Early adopters will get a Full PSN copy of WipEout HD, a full game trial of inFAMOUS, PSP minis, and some PS One classic games, along with some premium avatars, themes, DLC levels and map packs. All content remains the user’s with a current subscription. Sony estimates the value of the first month on PlayStation Plus to exceed $50, which more than pays for your first year. A PlayStation Plus subscription is $49.99 per year, or $17.99 every 3 months. As announced at E3, there will be a 3 month bonus for early subscribers, making the first year 15 months at $49.99.

All of this looks pretty good. There have been a number of questions on the PlayStation blog about the various features. Some are praising the new service, while others are complaining. I think this looks like something worth subscribing to. I won’t be able to benefit as much up front though, since I already own a copy of inFAMOUS. The entry price is pretty low, and there are a ton of features. The free games will end up paying for the service over and over throughout the year. As much as I like the free model on the PlayStation Network, this paid option looks pretty good.