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Pre-Order Xperia X10 at Sony Style

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Sony Ericsson

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is now available for pre-order at Sony Style. Not only do you get to order the Xperia X10 from the comfort of your own home, you get some incentives too.

Xperia X10 pre-sale

The phone is currently available for a pre-order price of $130 with a new 2-year contract with AT&T. This price applies to both new and existing AT&T customers. This price includes a limited-time instant rebate of $70, which will expire September 19, 2010. That gives you a whole month to get the phone at this price, but it is not clear if the additional perks apply for the same time period.

When you pre-order the Xperia X10 you will receive a free 8GB microSD card. You’ll also get free standard shipping from FedEx. The phone will ship August 16, according to the site. When you click the pre-order link you will see a notice that the price is for a new account. There are some radio buttons on the right that lets you select a contract renewal rate. There you can see that it is still $130. The summary of the device shows you everything you get with the phone. The $130 price is a pretty substantial subsidy considering the full price is $500. Of course you have to pay taxes on the $500 price rather than the $130 price in the US, which is never fun. The free memory card and shipping are also shown in the summary. See the image below.

Xperia X10 pre-sale info

There you have it. The pre-sale has begun. If you’d rather pick it up in person, it should hit your local (corporate) AT&T store this Sunday, the 15th. Hopefully the employees will be better informed about its existence, unlike the situation with the mysterious Aria.