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Classic X-Men Arcade Available Today for PS3 and Tomorrow on Xbox 360

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

That’s right. The classic X-Men arcade game you probably spent hours at as a kid is available today for the PS3 and tomorrow for the Xbox 360. This was one of the arcade games I played the most as a kid. I’ve been waiting for it to make it to a console, and it looks like it was worth the wait. Here is the product teaser from Konami:

“Experience the classic 1992 X-Men arcade game right in the comfort of your own home! Choose from some of your favorite classic X-Men characters including: Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, or Dazzler. Fight your way through hundreds of Sentinels and battle classic super villains such as Pyro, The Blob, Wendigo, Nimrod, The White Queen, Juggernaut, Mystique and the Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto!”

Sounds fun, right? I am really looking forward to this game. According to the PlayStation Blog they left the game intact, cannon inaccuracies and all. This game will be just as you remembered it. The larger arcade screen was formatted to fit a wide-screen television, so you are able to play the full game with up to 6 players online or 4 players at home. Here are some of the game highlights:

  • Six Player Online Action
  • High Definition Visuals – (heads-up displays, menus and local/online Leaderboards)
  • Online Drop-In Multiplayer – Players can jump into available online games at any time. Choose from various levels
  • Custom Match
  • Create Match
  • Multiple difficulty modes

Needless to say this one will be downloaded to my PS3 shortly. It might even make a mention in my next Gifts for Geeks segment. The drop-in multi-player is going to be key to this game I think. It will make it more like the arcade experience when someone dropped in their money to join you for a short time or perhaps all the way to the end. You can find out more about the game from the PlayStation Blog or Konami. Check out the trailer below.

Marvel Pinball For PS3 and Xbox 360

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Zen Studios has teamed up with Marvel Comics to create a series of pinball games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems. The Xbox version is already available, and the PS3 version is coming tomorrow. Available tables include Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Blade.

For the Xbox 360, the game tables are available as an add-on to the free Pinball FX2 game. You download Pinball FX2 for free and then buy the Marvel tables for 800 MSP. For the PS3 the game is available as a stand-alone product. Zen Pinball is available for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network. Current table add-ons are priced around $2.50, so I imagine the Marvel ones will be similarly priced. When I know the price I’ll post an update. So, what do you get for your money? According to the official site you get:

  • Battles against multiple enemies per table
  • 4 highly detailed, full-featured tables
  • Local (hotseat) and online (simultaneous) multiplayer modes
  • Local and online high score lists
  • Save/Load, slow motion, and other unlockable cheats
  • The Operators Menu lets you customize practically every aspect of each MARVEL Pinball table including table and mode settings, tilt settings, dot matrix display and more
  • Detailed play stats for each table, with literally hundreds kept for all you statisticians
  • Full 3D environments, characters and objects
  • Train with slow motion and save/load game features
  • State-of-the-art physics model

Not a bad set of specs. How about the differences between the Xbox Live and PSN versions?

Xbox 360:

  • MARVEL Pinball capitalizes on the power of the Pinball FX2 platform, as the new content will be automatically updated to the platform providing easy access
  • Continue your quest to become the Pinball FX2 king by adding to your Superscore and Wizard Score!
  • Multiplayer options including split screen
  • 50 Gamerscore per table
  • Robust trial system allowing you to try each table before you decide to make a purchase
  • Live video chat via the Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera


  • Controller tilt feature used to nudge table
  • Vibration support for Dualshock 3 controller
  • Trophies for high scores and other accomplishments
  • Playstation Eye support (video chat)
  • Hero Score and Team Force scoring systems introduce a new level of social interaction!

Both versions look pretty good. In my house, ties go to the PS3 every time. While there may certainly be a little Sony love going on in my house, it is more of a lacking feature on the Xbox 360. I don’t have a Wi-Fi connection for my Xbox, but the PS3 and Wii are connected. I haven’t bothered running a wired connection to the Xbox, so it mostly gathers dust these days. I like the trophy system better on the PS3 as it is, so I am looking forward to increasing my score with this game.

This looks like a really fun way to play pinball, and I am looking forward to spending some time with it soon. It’s almost download day as I write this. Check out the trailer for the Spider-Man table below. I think you’ll see why I’m looking forward to this game. Additional details can be found at

PlayStation Plus

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

PlayStation announced a new service at E3 called PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Plus will become a paid subscription that coincides with the existing PlayStation Network. Sony made a point to make it clear that all existing free PlayStation Network services would remain free, and would not be toned down. If you enjoy the current features, you will continue to enjoy them. That being said, let’s look at some of the paid subscription perks:

  • Free games
  • Free downloadable content
  • PlayStation Store discounts
  • Early invitations to select betas
  • Free monthly episodes of the Qore show
  • Full Game Trials: “Try before you buy”
  • Automatic Downloads” Demos, Videos, Patches and PS3 firmware updates

Early adopters will get a Full PSN copy of WipEout HD, a full game trial of inFAMOUS, PSP minis, and some PS One classic games, along with some premium avatars, themes, DLC levels and map packs. All content remains the user’s with a current subscription. Sony estimates the value of the first month on PlayStation Plus to exceed $50, which more than pays for your first year. A PlayStation Plus subscription is $49.99 per year, or $17.99 every 3 months. As announced at E3, there will be a 3 month bonus for early subscribers, making the first year 15 months at $49.99.

All of this looks pretty good. There have been a number of questions on the PlayStation blog about the various features. Some are praising the new service, while others are complaining. I think this looks like something worth subscribing to. I won’t be able to benefit as much up front though, since I already own a copy of inFAMOUS. The entry price is pretty low, and there are a ton of features. The free games will end up paying for the service over and over throughout the year. As much as I like the free model on the PlayStation Network, this paid option looks pretty good.