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Google Reader Cancels Page Tracker

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Every so often I go to a page that I want to keep track of, but find that there is no RSS feed. Google Reader had a great tool to solve this problem. By inputting a url into Reader, it would track page changes, making a pseudo feed. This wasn’t the best feed in the world, but it was pretty useful.

Google announced last week that it is discontinuing this feature. The post doesn’t say why. It does however point you to an alternative should you choose to use it. If you want to convert your now-obsolete page tracking feeds, you can do so here. The converter tool is available from Page2RSS, who prominently mentions the conversion tool in a recent post. You can use Page2RSS with your Google Friend Connect account, or with Yahoo, Twitter, or OpenID.

If you used Google Reader’s page tracker feature, it is officially turned off, as of yesterday. You can still use the existing information, but it will no longer provide updated content. Page2RSS looks interesting, so I might have to give it a shot.