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Samsung Epic 4G Coming to Sprint August 31

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

@SamsungTweets tweeted last night that the Epic 4G will be available on Sprint on August 31. Sprint has confirmed it as well.

Here are the specs:

  • Android 2.1
  • Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor
  • 4″ Super AMOLED capacitive display
  • Dual cameras: 5-megapixel camera/camcorder with autofocus, Power LED flash and 3x digital zoom for HD (720p) recording, plus a front-facing VGA camera
  • 3G/4G capability
  • 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability — supports up to 5 Wi-Fi devices
  • Slide-out QWERTY and virtual Swype keyboards
  • Digital compass, proximity sensor, light sensor and GPS Navigation
  • Memory: 16GB microSD card included; expandable to 32 GB
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Six-axis motion sensor for gaming

The Epic 4G is pretty packed with features, and more are on the way. It will feature Samsung’s AllShare service which enables sharing of various types of media to DLNA home appliances including televisions, digital cameras and printers. The Samsung Media Hub will feature a video and literary resource at some point. This feature is currently listed as “coming soon.” The Epic 4G will feature video chat and live video sharing via the Qik video app.

As a Galaxy S phone, it features a lot of the same stuff as the phones from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. What makes the Epic 4G stand out is the slideout QWERTY keyboard and the 4G connection. This should make for a pretty nice phone, especially with the hub capabilities.

You can pick up the Epic 4G for $250 with a two-year contract and after the $100 mail-in rebate. It also requires a Premium Data plan. Of all the Galaxy S phones, this is probably the one to get. This of course may not be an option depending on who your mobile carrier is, though. If you are a Sprint customer and a Samsung fan, you caught a lucky break. Other Samsung fans should be content with the nearly identical alternatives on their respective networks. It will be interesting to see how well this cross-carrier phone does, especially in a world of exclusives among the other brands.

Sprint Epic 4G Page Now Up

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Sprint has an Epic 4G teaser page up now. There isn’t a lot on it yet, but you can sign up for their mailing list and check out some basics.

Sprint- Epic 4G page

The page shows a person holding the Epic 4G in the ocean while recording dolphins swimming. The dolphins aren’t in the background ocean shot, so I’m not sure why they showed the video that way. There are some “coming soon” features on the site, regarding game play and movie watching. Currently the “faster text messaging” feature is displayed. Considering the fact that the Epic 4G is the only US-based Galaxy S phone to have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, I don’t know why anyone would want to use this feature on the virtual keyboard. It’s not a bad feature, but it is not one I see myself using a lot at this point.

There isn’t any pricing or launch information yet, so hopefully that will be coming soon. Check out the site. It is good for a few pictures and a brief video, if nothing else.

Launch Day – T-Mobile and Verizon

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for, if you are a T-Mobile or Verizon customer. The Motorola Droid X and Samsung Vibrant are available on their respective networks. The Vibrant was supposed to launch on the 21st, but as things go, T-Mobile had an opportunity to steal some of Verizon’s thunder and the devices are launching on the same day.

Both phones have a 1GHz processor, substantial on-board and expandable memory, and Android 2.1. The Droid X is a little bigger and has a better camera. It also has had a pretty extensive marketing campaign behind it. I imagine it will do better today than the Vibrant. The Vibrant is nothing to scoff at though. It is a pretty powerful phone in its own right.

Today marks the beginning of the Galaxy S diaspora across the carriers. AT&T will release the Captivate next week, followed sometime this summer by Sprint and Verizon. Hopefully there will be some more phones from AT&T soon, since it is the most tight-lipped about the coming months.

Are you waiting in line overnight like the Apple fanboys? While I am sure someone is doing this, it seems Apple is the only one capable of that kind of ultimate devotion. It will be interesting to see the sales numbers at the end of the day though, especially in light of the iPhone 4’s dominance and high rate of failure.