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HTC Aria Shattered

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Apple has received its share of ridicule over the many failings of the iPhone 4. Today it has some company. It turns out that the HTC Aria is every bit as fragile as the iPhone. Take a simple trip to the store, add an HTC Aria resting in the cup holder of a baby’s stroller and a small bump dropping the Aria onto the ground from a relatively short height. What do you get? A shattered Aria.

Looking at the damage sustained, one woud think someone threw this against a wall. A simple drop should not be enough to shatter a phone worth $50, let alone $400. Add to the problem the fact that the phone was purchased less than a week ago and you can see why this was so annoying. Looking at a 2 year contract with a shattered phone is not too appealing a prospect. Fortunately luck may have played a positive role too in this story though. I’ll wait to see if it pans out then post an update. Until then, don’t drop your Aria, especially if you haven’t renewed your phone insurance.