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Sony to Continue Making MP4 Cameras

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

In the wake of Cisco’s decision to discontinue the Flip, Sony has announced that it has every intention of continuing its Bloggie line of MP4 cameras. The Sony blog quotes the head of the Bloggie division in the U.S. –

‚ÄúSony remains committed to and excited about our Bloggie camera lineup.”
Sony Blog

Sounds promising. It’s always good to know that a manufacturer is committed to continuing a popular product line.

The Bloggie camera is similar to the Flip in that it records MP4 videos. It added some Sony flare to the camera, incorporating a swivel lens so you can star in your own videos. Until recently it shared the limitation of the Flip, both lacking a built-in light for filming in darker venues. The Bloggie has received some recent upgrades as well, as seen at CES. While it looks like the swivel lens is gone, the new features are definitely an improvement. The Bloggie Duo features an additional screen in front for self-filming.

The Bloggie Touch will be continued, and new Bloggies are on the way including the Bloggie Duo and the Bloggie 3D. The blog even hinted at a dual-screen 3D camera in the future. It sees a market for stand-alone devices, even as cell phones, Sony Ericsson included, are beginning to shoot HD video. According to Sony, there’s a market for both. I think they’re right. My 5 year old son can entertain himself all day with his mom’s Flip camera. We don’t have to worry about him calling someone at random, or downloading a paid app while messing around with our phones. It is simple, durable, and kid-friendly. We were already looking into upgrading to the Bloggie, and Cisco made it that much easier.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the MP4 camera market fares once the Flip departs. If Sony has anything to say about it, the future looks good. Let’s hope they’re right.