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Sony to Continue Making MP4 Cameras

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

In the wake of Cisco’s decision to discontinue the Flip, Sony has announced that it has every intention of continuing its Bloggie line of MP4 cameras. The Sony blog quotes the head of the Bloggie division in the U.S. –

‚ÄúSony remains committed to and excited about our Bloggie camera lineup.”
Sony Blog

Sounds promising. It’s always good to know that a manufacturer is committed to continuing a popular product line.

The Bloggie camera is similar to the Flip in that it records MP4 videos. It added some Sony flare to the camera, incorporating a swivel lens so you can star in your own videos. Until recently it shared the limitation of the Flip, both lacking a built-in light for filming in darker venues. The Bloggie has received some recent upgrades as well, as seen at CES. While it looks like the swivel lens is gone, the new features are definitely an improvement. The Bloggie Duo features an additional screen in front for self-filming.

The Bloggie Touch will be continued, and new Bloggies are on the way including the Bloggie Duo and the Bloggie 3D. The blog even hinted at a dual-screen 3D camera in the future. It sees a market for stand-alone devices, even as cell phones, Sony Ericsson included, are beginning to shoot HD video. According to Sony, there’s a market for both. I think they’re right. My 5 year old son can entertain himself all day with his mom’s Flip camera. We don’t have to worry about him calling someone at random, or downloading a paid app while messing around with our phones. It is simple, durable, and kid-friendly. We were already looking into upgrading to the Bloggie, and Cisco made it that much easier.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the MP4 camera market fares once the Flip departs. If Sony has anything to say about it, the future looks good. Let’s hope they’re right.

Hands-On with the PlayStation Move

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

I got some hands-on time with the PlayStation Move and thought I’d share my initial impressions. So far, it was almost exactly what I expected from it, which is good. I think it will take a little getting used to, but from the time I spent on it, I think things are looking pretty good.

The controller was smaller than I expected. It fit really easily into my hand, about the size of a bicycle handle. I was concerned that the big bubble on top of the controller would be distracting, but I hardly noticed it. The buttons are pretty straightforward – a trigger, the basic PlayStation array and home menu buttons and a long central button that served a start button-like function.

I spent a few minutes playing the game included in the Move Bundle and the PS3 Console Move Bundle, Sports Champions, by Zindagi Games. I focused on the Gladiator portion for my first tests. I knew going into it that there is no cheating with the Move controller. You have to fully swing if you want your character to respond. You can’t just flick your wrist while vegging on the couch like you can with the Nintendo Wii. Knowing this, I probably was still a little too zealous with my swing. I could feel the workout after just a few minutes. I am happy to say I won both matches I tried, even without my weapon of choice. I used a guy with a battle axe instead of a swordsman. It took a little getting used to, as with any game, but I knew that the gist was you had to swing your weapon and parry or dodge as best you can when your opponent swings. Like I said, I won, so I think it was easy enough to figure out. I can imagine the harder settings will give quite the workout.

At first glance, the PlayStation Move delivers. I will give it a more thorough test and post another review. The Move can be obtained a number of ways, and is coming this Friday, September 17. If you have a PS3 and don’t have the PlayStation Eye camera, you can get the Move Bundle. It comes with a Move Controller, the PlayStation Eye, and a copy of Sports Champions. The Move Bundle comes in at $99. If you already have the PlayStation Eye Camera, you can get the Move Controller by itself. It goes for $50. Of course then you have to pay $40 for Sports Champions, and that brings you up to $90. If you don’t have a PS3, you can get a PlayStation Move Sports Champions Bundle for $399 which includes the PS3 and the Move Bundle. No matter which way you go, the Move is a pretty good deal considering what it brings to the table.

Based on my initial tests, I think the PlayStation Move is definitely worth checking out. It offers better precision than the Wii, and runs on a much more powerful console. The games will be more realistic and more intense than those found on Wii. While the Wii certainly has its place with my 4 and 2 year old, the Move offers some game-time for the grown-ups.

This author of this post was not compensated for this review. Please see Disclosure Policy.

Sony Press Conference Live

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Ustream broadcast the Sony event live, and graciously offered an embed code. It was streaming here, as the Nintendo conference did. Ustream went down in the middle of the event though, and they are still recovering, so I can’t embed their recorded version here. As I was watching, over 50,000 viewers were tuned in. That was significantly more than the Nintendo event earlier in the day. I ended up watching it on IGN‘s YouTube channel. Here is the video, courtesy of Gamespot.