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Xperia X10 Getting Eclair Update In September?

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Sony Ericsson

Update: Eclair update delayed until the end of October. Learn more

Sony Ericsson’s UK Twitter account has been pretty active regarding the upcoming upgrades. According to the tweet by @SonyEricssonUK, the Xperia X10upgrade to Android 2.1 could occur by the end of September. I say could for the benefit of the US fans. The UK folks should indeed be getting the upgrade “by the end of September.” The other markets will follow suite, while the update will slip into Q4 for those in the rear.

Looking at the above tweets, it shows that September is indeed the month for 2.1. Looking at the second tweet we can see that Sony Ericsson is still having to fight off rumors of multi-touch being part of the update. They’ve been saying for months that the hardware is incapable of multi-touch, yet the rumors have hung on.

The question remaining for the US Xperia owners is whether AT&T has us in the rear or near the front of the line for the upgrade. I had a chance to ask Sony Ericsson some questions last week, and naturally asked about the upgrade plans. I was told that Sony Ericsson is limited by contract with AT&T to not leak any information about AT&T’s upgrade schedule. Apparently AT&T is worried someone might find out they are going to release 2.1 even though by then everyone else will have Froyo. I can respect Sony Ericsson’s position though, as they are bound to the terms agreed to with AT&T. The UK branch doesn’t seem to have such restrictions however. Let’s hope that the US is included in this upcoming round of updates.

As exciting as all the talk about 2.1 and even Froyo is, it is important to remember something about the version of 1.6 on the Xperia X10. It is not the stock version by any means. Sony Ericsson has done a lot of work to modernize the older OS, and there are some Froyo-Esque features like Timescape and Mediascape. The UI masks the OS pretty well. There are some limitations, like the inability to install the new StumbleUpon app (2.1 and above only). These minor issues should be solved with the 2.1 upgrade. Also coming is a patch to convert the video camera to HD. This will also help. The still camera is already at 8.1MP, but the video camera was stuck in WVGA. I’m looking forward to the HD upgrade.

What about you? If you have an Xperia X10, is Android 1.6 really that bad? Are you excited about the upgrades? Let me know in the comments.