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StumbleUpon Introduces App Discovery Beta for Android

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

StumbleUpon has announced a new feature for its Android app. You can now use StumbleUpon to find new Android Apps. The feature is in Beta currently, and was included in a recent app upgrade.

Browsing for Android apps will be personalized, based on apps you’ve already installed or used, as well as things your StumbleUpon friends like. The personalization reminds me of the recommendation feature in AppBrain.

I played with the new feature and it works pretty well. There was an initial hickup or two at first, and page loads were really slow. It then picked up speed and I was able to view a lot of recommended apps in a short time. Some of the apps I already use, and others I have heard of but haven’t installed. There was a good range of apps in my samples, including music apps, utility apps, and games. I think this feature fits very well with StumbleUpon, and I’m glad they added it. There is definitely a need for assistance in picking out the good apps amid a sea of not-so-good ones. The StumbleUpon app for Android will be a useful resource.

You can check out the press release here.