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Blogger Template Designer

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Blogger has released a new template design tool for its users. I tested it out tonight, and thought it was done pretty well. Watch Google’s video describing the new feature below.

By logging into you can start designing your new template. You start with a basic template and then adjust the various elements of the design. I chose a fairly simple design for my test and was pretty happy with the results. The site lets you adjust the font, size, and color of individual pieces, as well as manipulate the color schemes in the theme.

The template designer guides you through the process and lets you preview your blog with the changes you are making. For someone who wants a great design with minimal effort, this feature is perfect for you. That assumes of course that you are blogging from Blogger. The process is simple to follow and there are several designs and images already lined up. I recommend Blogger users take a look at it.